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Dallas Cowboys: Still America's Team

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playing America's Game in America's Stadium.

The Cowboys hosted Tennessee in a relatively meaningless pre-season game last Friday night -- and the game finished in the Top Twenty in prime time ratings for the week. Over 6.6 million viewers tuned in to make it the most watched sporting event of the week.

Fox assumed (correctly) that a lot of folks would tune in to see the latest Jerry Jones allegiance to excess.

jerry jones stadium
The Texas Rangers actually played a meaningful baseball game in late August. There were 15 times more people in the DFW area interested in looking at Jerry Jones latest toy.

In the DFW area, the pre-season game drew a 20.5 rating, which translate into over 510,000 viewers. At the same time the Rangers, in a battle for a wild card playoff spot, were playing the Tampa Bay Rays. That game drew all of 34,860 homes to the tv set.

Fox won the Prime Time Ratings Friday night, but second place NBC probably didn't mind -- since they will have the N.Y. Giants at Dallas Sunday night September 20th.