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Doing Some Things: Texas Football Players

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Collecting and presenting a series of links to the work of actual journalists is the latest craze in the college football blogdom. Noted luminaries of bloggery such as HenryJames and Huckleberry dabble in the fine art of link compilation. Even Big 12 columnist Tim Griffin is not above outsourcing his analysis to the renowned newsrooms at the Norman Transcript, Columbia Tribune and Husker Extra.

Like pegged acid wash jeans, Hypercolor shirts and Trapper Keeper binders, this is a trend I cannot resist. But I need a gimmick. I can't just run out my own generic list of links. HJ's obsession with secretive practice sessions makes him the Alex Jones of Barking Carnival. Huckleberry has parlayed his Tombstone-inspired nom de plume into a Western "roundup" theme. And Griffin, it appears, has cornered the previously non-existent market on inexplicably-lunch-related link posts. So what's left for me, a blogger with no inside sources, a generic pen name and only a moderate interest in lunch?

Fortunately, the good folks at have provided me with a hook. For some reason, the staff has adopted a standard template for its player profile titles. The template goes something like this - [generic action verb phrase] : [player's name]. This format is both efficient and elegant. In two simple steps, the title conveys that some form of generic action is being undertaken and who, in particular, is undertaking said action. It's the kind of wordsmithing wizardry you can only pick up from a 7th grade honors-level English composition class.

In a possible attempt to attract more same-sex-oriented readers, the new template combines action verbs, football players and colons.

So, without further ado, I present the first (and hopefully last) edition of BrickHorn's "Doing Some Things: Texas Football Players," a comprehensive list of links to stories on about Texas football players doing some things.

According to a story at, Sam Acho is stepping up to lead.

Ben Alexander appears to be coming a long way.

Kyle Hix is coming into his own, say the good people at

A report at indicates that Greg Smith is weighing in.

Can we just start the season already?