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Preseason Roundup II

Some discussion of the Nebraska running back situation - Mendoza back to RB after Castille was booted.

A look at Tyrod Taylor as he begins his first year as the clear #1 in Blacksburg - He sought the advice of Michael Vick. Hopefully the discussion was limited to being the Hokie QB.

Two backup QBs leave Miami - Shannon makes it sound like a surprise and makes it pretty clear he thinks they were bad decisions.

Feature story on the best quarterback in the SEC - You know, Colt's old backup.

Buffalo's starting RB to miss his final season with shoulder injury - Gill now must follow up a successful year after losing the best QB in school history and the best running back in school history. Sure, not much of a history, but still.

Tennessee's decision at center was made for them thanks to a knee injury - We'll see if they can score double digits against Florida in a few weeks. Get ready for an acceleration of "Florida is the best team ever talk" after they crush a big name/bad team Volunteer squad.