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Rounding Up the Preseason: Barking Carnival

Replacing John Parker Wilson at Alabama is the second biggest replacement Greg McElroy has ever been a part of - He had to replace Chase Daniel at Southlake Carroll, and that was a better offense.

Shockingly, the NCAA has decided to do nothing regarding Bryce Brown's situation - We'll see if everyone else escapes unscathed. Probably. Open season!

Michigan has sold 70% of their luxury suites - They are running from $55K to $85K per season. srr50 has three.

Pete "2005 Texas will go 9-3" Fiutak discusses the Big 12 - Missouri will surprise and Texas will disappoint.

Dave Wannstedt is sticking with a poorly-performing guy at QB - Apparently they still play football in the Big East. This is important because it helps the ACC win a BCS game every decade or so.

Feature story on Terrelle Pryor - Pryor has tired of the VY comparisons, saying "...because I'm not Vince Young. I won't be Vince Young." We know, Terrelle, we know.