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I watched Shaq last night on his new show and thought about my brief career with beach volleyball. Leave it to beach volleyball players to truly humble the big man.

If you have ever played beach volleyball against anyone of any prowess you will find a certain arrogance and snobbery that can not be denied. The bottom line is that a lot of the really good players are douche bags.

That being said basketball players and Shaq in particular possesses his own cockiness. The thing about hoopsters is they are used to playing with a few more guys on their team and dealing with the fact that not everyone is a superstar.

It was funny to watch as Todd Rogers, a whiner and prolific 2 man beach player, matched up with Shaq, a hacker in volleyball. Todd seemed a little irritated that Shaq kept popping the ball over on two instead of setting him on the net. He also got a little pissed that a 7'1" freak could not block a 6'3" girl two months after having her first baby. 350 pounds and Hermosa Beach sand do not exactly spell V-E-R-T-I-C-A-L. I am sure if it was another hack on the beach Rogers would have told him to move his fat ass and start making some plays but he decided that his life was more important than asserting his dominance in the sand.

I loved hearing Shaq continuously saying "my bad." There aren't too many sports where your weaknesses are singled out so quick. Can't pass, can't set, can't block, get your ass whooped by two chicks who dominate their sport even with an Olympic Gold Medalist as your partner.

I give Shaq credit for putting himself out there and for putting that Speedo on at the end of the program. Many women have wondered what the Shaq Daddy was packing-now they know and we know that Shaq made the right choice by playing basketball and not volleyball.