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We Are Texas!

That's our new team slogan according to Mack's twitter feed.

We also told the kids this year’s slogan. It is "We Are Texas!" We are just concerned about what we can control, and that's how we play.

Don't confuse this with the We're Texas advertising campaign we paid 30 million for to some advertising firm staffed with guys driving Mazda Miatas and making quote signs in the air when they say "new media."

This is completely different. It's not even close.

The simple act of contracting We and Are into We're makes Texas sounds exclusive and unapproachable. We're Texas. Well, la di da. We Are Texas! is hopeful and welcoming, but resolute.

This is a slogan significantly more inspirational than our staff's golf slogans with their demographic appeal skewed towards 50+ year old WASPs who sport straw hats without irony. Slogans like "Never trust a dago caddy on the back nine" or "Gabardines never go out of style" possess great wisdom but don't appeal to today's youth.

Think about it.

We are Texas!

Let's break this down.

We All of us. That's you and me. Together. Don't be shy. Take my hand.

Are A form of to be. Existence. To be, to have been, are now. The word Are is also a genus of moth in the family Arctiidae. Moth. Flame. Fleeting. Symbolism! Conspiracy? Dan Brown book? Bellmont cover up.

Texas A university and a state. A state...of mind? Primary agricultural exports? Cotton, gravel, cattle. Greatest living alumni: Parker Posey.

! Exclamation point. This shows we're both enthused and quite serious about this. If there were a comma, you'd sit waiting. Don't get me started on a hyphen or a semi-colon. We Are Texas? was considered but it didn't seem assertive enough.

We are Texas!

And if any of our players forget our slogan, they need only look down at their jersey. They will see the word Texas and it will prompt them to think, "Hey, I am Texas!" Then looking around at their teammates labled similarly, they will wave their arms in an encircling, inclusive manner and exclaim - We are Texas! We are Texas! All of us. I want to hit someone so hard that their mitochondria explode. Then we'll go kick the shit out of Louisiana-Monroe 59-7.

We are Texas!

Because we are.

/Bill Little/ And so it was. /Bill Little/