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Rice:Texas at Reliant in 2010

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Sifting through my notice pile and found this gem from last week.

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Hosting the game at Reliant isn't really newsworthy. I mean, we've played Rice there a couple of times already, most of us have seen Reliant by now (very cool, btw), and we're not exactly risking wholesale loss of tradition or anything here on Rice's part. I know a lot of Rice grads and almost uniformly like hanging out with them, as they take very little of this shit seriously right from the jump. A sense of humor goes a long way in their situation. I can also guarantee that anything approaching nostalgia for the Rice alumni around the game watching experience can be easily duplicated with minimal fuss.

    1. Purchase blue Polo shirt. And an Eddie Bauer edition Ford Explorer.

    2. Hit some combination of Two Rows, Mi Luna or Buffalo Grill before/after the game. This is colloquially known as tailgating. Two of them are conveniently located in the same strip mall!

    3. Discuss how well (insert hipster child name here, I like Atticus or Matisse myself) is doing at Wesleyan during most of the second and third quarter.

No need to thank me, friendly Rice people. I'm glad we could work together to preserve your heritage. Helping people feels good.

No, the real news here is Dodd's attempted facerape at the presser:

"We are undefeated at Reliant," Dodds said to a chorus of laughs. "We've had a great, storied relationship with Rice ... (and) we love the competition between the two institutions.

"Twenty five percent of our players come from this area, so they like to come home and show off in front of their families. They make this thing called a "you cain't see me" sign whenever they embarass one of your white wide receivers. It's a fun deal. Seventy thousand of our alumni live in this area, the second-largest area we have for alums of the University of Texas. So this is exciting for us to come down here. It's something that we want to do often."

I may be reading too much into this but even without my minor edits it looked to me like Dodd's is laying it on a bit saucy. Recall this is a man widely reported to be embarassed by his 'We are the Joneses' comment. In other venues Rice would need to either give him cigarettes or follow him around the yard with a finger through his beltloop if they put up with that. Let's see what they do.

University of Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds was delivering an opening statement Thursday morning at Verizon Wireless West Club in Reliant Stadium when he referenced the 70,000 Texas alumni living in the area, a statistic that reinforced the Longhorns' deep-rooted interest in playing games in Houston.

When Rice athletic director Chris Del Conte, who was seated to Dodds' left at the dais, heard that figure, he playfully contorted his face and rolled his eyes. With just 44,000 living alumni, 12,000 in Houston, Rice will approach its joint venture of opening the 2010 season at Reliant Stadium against Texas with a different objective.

You don't say. Oh it's so on.

You don't playfully face contort and eye roll Double D at a presser, Rice. Even playfully. Contorted.

Consider our dart game at Gingerman canceled until further notice.