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Another Example of the ESPN/SEC Media Conspiracy

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The WWL has been fixated on college football and country music for a few years now (See Big and Rich singing "Coming to Your CITAAAAAYYYYY,"), and now they have Kenny Chesney writing songs for their College Football coverage.

ESPN breathlessly writes:

The song, "This is Our Moment," captures the passion and dedication of the players to perform at the highest level each week with the understanding that every game counts.

It will be used during game and studio telecasts and during promotions of upcoming programs and show elements across ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU,, ESPN Mobile TV and ESPN International. On select occasions, the song will be accompanied by a video montage of Chesney performing at a recent concert, along with college football highlights.

My guess is SEC Commissioner Mike Slive demanded that ESPN hire Chesney for the job as the tipping point on their $2.5 billion dollar contract.

The song will debut on the ESPN pre-game Show Thursday night Sept. 3rd.

Be sure to set your TIVO.