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Football Miscellany

The NCAA dropped the probation hammer in response to recent shenanigans - I was as surprised as you to learn that it wasn't Southern Cal or Oklahoma getting disciplined for payments of players or thumbing their nose at eligibility requirements, but rather BYU-Hawaii. reports that it's not impossible to stop Tebow - How do you stop 3.8 yards per carry?!?!? YOU CAN'T!!!

Texas is #2 in CFN's 5-year rankings - I've always said these guys know what they're doing.

Austin High won their season opener - HenryJames rejoiced.

NBC Sports' take on the best gameday experiences - Aggie boycott in 3..2..1...

Auburn's top returning receiver suspended for 4 games - Dumb decision by Billings. Much better idea to get a car for free, beat someone with a bat, or steal gas. He'll learn.