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Sports Print Journalism Isn't Dead

In a shocking move, Andy Staples of produced a solid piece of journalism on Tuesday. If he follows through on a weekly basis, this will continue throughout the season. I take back my comment on Huckleberry's last links article. Andy Staples does not look like a sex offender now. He looks like a journalist.

But not these journalists

These journalists

Staples and CNNSI announced they will file a Freedom of Information Act request for all 51 ballots cast by coaches of public universities each week. So, the coaches make all the ballot's secret and the fourth estate trumps them with the rule of law. This is how it is supposed to work.

This is the death knell of the coaches poll. Coaches (read SID's and athletic department interns) will continue to make ridiculous decisions, get criticized for it at weekly pressers, and eventually realize that they don't want to deal with it anymore. The poll has been a farce for years. Now it is a terminal farce.

The other positive outcome of ridicule for the coaches is that it throws another credibility issue at the BCS. In the sacred quest for a college football playoff, this is a small battle won. Eventually, we will reach critical mass and topple the current regime.

The example of using law to combat issues in college football is another good precedent to set. Recently, several congressman and President Obama have taken a stand against the BCS. Normally, this kind of political grand standing over non-critical issues makes my blood boil, but I have a new take on this. Maybe if Congress spends more time in steroids hearings and anti-trust investigations regarding college football, they will spend less time fucking up the world with bad decisions. Are they really more qualified for foreign policy issues than college football mythical beauty contests?

All evidence points to not no, but FUCK NO!