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Does This Season Define Mack Brown's Legacy?

I touched on this in BON's excellent preseason roundtable and I wanted a pulse check on my people.

Will this year’s Texas-OU game define Mack Brown’s legacy? Implicit in this question is my conviction that Mack will retire in the next two years.

I generally don’t advocate the conceit that a single game defines a player or program. It’s the kind of easy sound byte short memory schtick I expect from studio shows and often proof of our society’s toddler attention span. If this year’s Texas-OU is so important, why are they playing it again next year?

That written, I can’t help but think, in retrospect, that we’ll view this game as definitive.

Mack’s legacy as the man who turned Longhorn football around from the misery of the fifteen years preceding his tenure and back to national prominence is already assured. Nor does any game result change the fact that Mack Brown was in coaching for the right reasons, an honorable representative of the university, and a good man.

I’m talking about a different legacy: greatness. Memories are characterized more by endings than beginnings.

Win this game and Mack has won 4 of the last 5 against OU and eradicated any notion of Sooner dominance. He’d also have the inside track to a Big 12 title and another Top 5 finish. And a decent shot at a second MNC.

Lose? Stoops bags 7 of the last 10 against Texas and likely adds another Big 12 title to make it seven versus Mack’s one. The Vince Young exception is then freely cited to explain the 2005 outlier.

So tell me, can one game offer context to an entire career?