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Thoughts on OU Depth Chart for BYU

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From a Sooner website.

Sooner Sports Depth Chart

Chris Brown starts over Demarco Murray and his hamstring.

Brody Eldridge gets the start at center ahead of Ben Habern and his lower lumbar. No word if Brody is the frontrunner for the Bob Stoops "Whistling past the graveyard award".

Brian Simmons starts at LG ahead of Stephen Good and his rotator cuff.

Jarvis Jones starts at RG. Why waste a solid transfer and give up your competitive advantage?

Ryan Reynolds starts ahead of Mike Balogun. But if we learned anything about intertube rosters and depth charts, it could be any number of players that played for the Maryland Marauders .

Seeing Brandon Caleb start at one WR position warms my heart.

Sam Proctor and Quinton Carter would be bone dry if you dipped them in the River Styx.