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Texas Hoops Open Gym Number 2

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Kevin Durant is a fucking man. He looks like Tim Hardaway running shit at Hanks High open gym.

Avery Bradley looks comfortable shooting from long range especially off the dribble. This is huge considering he would give you an extra deep shooter if teams decide to zone. It also gives him the holy grail of deep shooting, midrange game, and finishing at the rim.

Anyone worried about Pittman being pulled away from the bucket should squash that thought right fucking now. Check about the 1:30 mark. His show on Durant 25 ft J after a screen causing a KD miss was awesome. I thought it was Damion James contesting at first, but it was Dex. The kid has come a long way.

Jordan Hamilton makes plays on offense with the ease of an NBA veteran. So silky smooth in everything he does. He challenged KD 30 ft from the basket and got taken to the rack, but it was good to see him accept the challenge.