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Cotton Bowl Goes Primetime

Fox lost the BCS to ESPN, but they will hold on to at least one college contest, as the network has renewed its contract with the Cotton Bowl through 2014.

The game has a new home, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and begining in 2011 it will move from an early morning kickoff to a primetime slot.

The game will be played between Jan 4-6 from 2001 through 2014, no doubt avoiding any day that the BCS is playing.

The combination of moving to Jerry's playhouse and getting a shot at primetime gives the Cotton Bowl hope of moving up to the BCS should there ever be an expansion to a plus 1 format or a playoff.

The Alamo Bowl recently increased its marketability by raising its payout to $3 million for each team, moving to a post Jan 1 play date, and dumping the Big 10 for a four-year agreement with the Pac 10 to send its #2 team to San Antonio to play a Big 12 representative.

Suddenly the state of Texas is again a major player in the bowl selection process.