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Texas Hoops Open Gym #3

This is gold, guys. I think SL Xpress mentioned it first, but this has to be great for recruiting.

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Remember what Durant did in open gym #2, yeah, Avery Bradley does that here. The kid shows he's entirely capable of being at least a combo-1 guard. His explosiveness is off the charts and his handles continue to get better. In these open runs he's showing an ability to shoot it from deep as well. He's also a blur down the floor and has athletic finish after athletic finish. In this set alone, he hits a deep J, breaks Mason's ankles for a driving hoop (1 minute mark), embarrasses Justin Mason on the defensive end, picks KD for an open court dunk, has a couple and-1 layups and probably 3 steals. Nasty, if he's our third option.

On Mason, you see the reason Texas can't afford to have him on the floor for extended periods. Check out the1:15 mark. He's simply not a threat from anything outside 10 ft on the screen roll, so Avery simply goes under the screen and the screen roll is defended. I feel sorry for the proud senior, but you have to be a shooting threat to open up the floor. Hope he finds a niche.

Dex Pittman has another dime. The big kid is starting to polish his game by doing the little things. So far he's shown the ability to play well defensively away from the basket, run the floor, and make the interior pass. Double teams be ware.

Jordan Hamilton does a great job staying in front of Durant, and he also crosses the NBA all-star over for a nice driving dime. I love the fact that he's stepping up and accepting the challenge to go against Durant. Hamilton is probably going to be your crunch-time, "I need a bucket", guy. His jumper is nice as rice.

Craig Winder with the game winner probably because Barnes wasn't in the building defending Craig with his eyes.