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Jermaine Gresham - Out until Texas?

The sooner boards are in full blown meltdown right now on Jermaine Gresham. The rumor being spouted is that he'll be out for 6 weeks and then back for Texas. Seems like BS produced by the Okie staff.

Still, my incarcerated business partner's gay retarded niece went to Oklahoma and is a trainer on the Oklahoma staff. She says it may be an ACL tear and he could be done for the year.

If so, this impacts both the TE slot and the greatest new Center in the history of college football.

Of course, Sooner fans are already rationalizing that the back up is better and they might actually improve because he, whoever James Hanna is, graded out better last year than Gresham. Apparently this guy is better than sex.

Here's the link to a soonerfans thread on it.