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Pre-season Thoughts

  1. I can’t quite justify spending $40 to watch Texas pay ULM on Saturday. $20, sure, but somehow $40 for a game whose outcome better not be in doubt seems unreasonable. Living here in Indiana forces one to make those kinds of decisions. Is it a no-brainer for the rest of you not able to attend the game live?
  2. I’m watching last night’s Craig Ferguson, typing a Barking Carnival Post, and "working." Home offices can be dangerous for pure commission salespeople.
  3. The 6 starting Big 12 North QB’s have combined for 32 career wins. Colt McCoy has 32 career wins. No other active QB has more than 26 (I think).
  4. Colt has more college wins (32) than NFL Hall of Fame QB’s Bart Starr (10), George Blanda (8), and Johnny Unitas (11) combined.
  5. Colt is 25th in career wins (based on my very informal research). 1 win puts him in the top 20. 3 wins put him in the top 10. 5 wins put him in the top 5. 10 wins puts him in a tie for #1.
  6. Mack Brown has 195 victories at an FBS school, which puts him 3rd among active coaches—14 wins ahead of the next-closest coach, Dick Tomey. It also puts him 16th all-time, 8 wins from the top 12.
  7. Mack’s 115 wins at Texas are the 5th-most of any active FBS coach at his current FBS school (Paterno, Bowden, Beamer, Snyder).
  8. From 1987-97, Texas was 36th among FBS teams in winning %, with a record of 72-54-2 (57.03%). From 1998-2008, Texas was 2nd among FBS teams, with a record of 115-26 (81.56%). Boise State is 115-25.
  9. I was surprised to learn the team with the highest win % away from home since 1999.
  10. In his first six years at Texas, Mack’s teams had 3 2nd-half and 3 4th-quarter comebacks. In the past five years, they’ve had 19 2nd-half comebacks and 9 4th-quarter comebacks. First thought might be that we’ve become slow-starters, but a quick check of the overall record shows we went from 59-18 to 56-8, suggesting that we just got better.
  11. Since 2000, Texas has blocked more kicks (54) than Virginia Tech (46) or for that matter than any other team. But how many more times do you think that blocked kicks will be referred to during VT games than during Texas games this season?
  12. There were 40 QB’s in 2005 ranked as high as Colt by Rivals (5.6). Scanning through the list, the only ones who made significant contributions were Kerry Meier (as a TE at KU), Casey Dick (because his name led to some great headlines at Arkansas), Zac Robinson (OK State), Chase Daniel (Missouri), and Mark Sanchez (USC). I believe 30 of the other 40 didn’t start more than one season of FBS college football.
  13. If you’d watched the 2000 Texas 5A state championship football game, and you’d had to bet on which kid was destined to have the best pro career, I doubt it would have taken much thought. Looking back, however, the Longhorn with the best career so far, and having a career year this year, isn’t the kid from Midland.
  14. Basketball—Barnes has been our coach since 1998, like Mack. No national championship so far, but some very nice finishes. This year is the first since 2005 that we didn’t lose talent to the NBA early (DJ-2008; KD-2007; LaMarcus & Daniel & PJ 2006). Prepare for a great year.