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Overheard Injury News on the Interwebs

Well, we all know that Jermaine Gresham has a torn meniscus thanks to Close to Jumping's schadenfreude, which is German for smooth buttfucking. Every time a sooner injures a joint overstressed and inundated with pharmaceutical grade muscle, it's fun to watch CTJ walk in with his size 18's, honk his sooner hating red nose, and club the baby seal caricature that is Sooner fandom and your garden variety Oklahoman. But I regress...

This Knight is day to day.

To follow up on Gresham, it sounds like the meniscus deal has been a recurring problem if you listen to sooner insiders. The latest "tweak" to the joint was obviously more severe than incidents past, as the OU medical brain trust eschewed treating the knee with leeches and decided on doing an MRI on the injured area.

Word from sources inside the OU program is that Jermaine will elect to have minor surgery which means this Grizzly Bear Toting a Walnut will be out 2-4 weeks. But in Sooner injury speak, that could mean amputation.

My best guess says he plays against Texas and struggles with his knee the rest of the season, which obviously puts his NFL career at risk. Why would anyone think otherwise? This is the same staff that sent Jason White into battle with a torn acl and snarltooth among other injuries. A staff that waved Ryan Reynolds back onto the field after the linebacker took a knee trying to get out of the game. A game in which he blew out his ACL a dozen or so plays later. It ain't complicated.

Moving on, Georgia QB Joe Cox may be held out of the OSU game with a case of the swine flu. I could have predicted this shortly after I took Georgia and the points. I suppose it's better than coming down with a case of the HIV, but not as far as my bet is concerned. And no, I'm not saying I wish Cox had AIDS. At least not yet.

No, not that therapy.

Back to Georgia, it sounds like one of their DB's is being quarantined as well due to the out break. Don't be surprised to see Mark Richt's head explode with a bad case of ebola now that I've laid my money down. If I'm a Bulldog offensive lineman, I put some fake blood in my mouth and start coughing up a lung before each and every snap. Black people don't like the swine flu. That's why the government calls it H1N1.

Also, if you bet Oklahoma, you should be concerned that Brody Eldridge has been wearing a protective boot everyday after practice and Ben Habern has a season threatening back issue.

In the Texas game, Fozzy Whitaker is a game time decision with an undisclosed injury. I'm guessing bikini rash.