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Sooner Schadenfreude

Sorry, I just can't pass this one up. If you're unfamiliar with the term, schadenfreude is an old German word which roughly translates as 'Oklahoma is a vortex of suck, has always been a vortex of suck, is so currently as we speak, and shall remain so forever and ever until the sun blows up, at which point it will continue to suck in another dimension that currently only exists in the minds of physicists and cats.' Pithy folks, Germans.

Now let's be fair, we've all lost our cool after a game, and we've all had to apologize for irrational behavior at some point. HenryJames for punching that girl in Columbus, CTJ for calling Simms' cellphone and reading passages from The Notebook in a weepy tone, scally for wearing orange hot-pants to the Rose Bowl. We've all been there.

I have not, however, seen more irrational behavior than admitting, in a semi-public way, that first amongst your personal list of grievances is the age of the linebacker who form-tackled your QB right into an ice-pack and saran-wrap sari.

No seriously, the presence of closet professionals, actual professionals, you-tube miscreants, felons, 'recreational' gun owners, head trauma inflictors, screwdriver wielders, and a 47 year old Jason White is A-OK; a pasty Utah native who spent 4 years on a mission trip in Indiana and says things like "Oh Jeez, what the heck!" however is completely out of line. Just way beyond fair and shit.

For a second there I almost felt embarassed for you Oklahoma. Then I realized it was gas.

I'll bet he secretly played for the Colts under a different name while he was down there. You know Coleby Clawson does sound made up. Shame on those elderly mormons for beating up on your earnest little gang of mop-topped Dickensian ne'er do wells. Look at 'em over there, strutting around all old and emotionally mature, lording it about with their calm demeanors and thick manly facial hair. Just shameful.

Maybe you guys should grow some 'staches to even up the odds a bit.

The one on the bottom left is called The Landry.

Does it say something about me as a person that I enjoyed watching OU lose to the descendants of Brigham almost as much as I enjoyed our win? Yes. Yes it does. It says I am a good American. It has been scientifically proven that pining for a full strength Oklahoma or wishing them well in anyway is communist. Not to mention the fact that at the end of the day Oklahoma basically got outplayed. Clawson timed that blitz perfectly. The other LB Pendleton was outstanding. He was all over the field. I swear they had a little Italian dude named Luigi running the ball at some point. He looked like Chachi from Happy Days. I literally laughed out loud. BYU repeatedly turned the ball over and gave OU a short field. I think OU had 7 downs inside the BYU 10 yard line and couldn't convert. The OU secondary got mauled so badly by a slow white tight end that they triple covered him on the TD reception to some other little Italian dude. It was glorious. Without Gerald McCoy it would have been much, much worse.

It appears that Trent Williams is the scapegoat but the whole line was flummoxed the entire game by something as erudite and daunting as a zone blitz. Hint: The linebackers can delay a step or two before commiting to a gap and penetrating. Yeah, I know. It's like NASA shit or something. It almost as if BYU was given some awe inspiring package inscribed on golden tablets secretly from God. Wait a minute.

BTW- I want to make it clear we are fans of Sam Bradford, the person, here at BC. Shadenfreude doesn't extend to individual players. He seems like a really good kid and we wish him well. I mean that. We're also sorry that HenryJames called him an Amerasian gopher.