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Jackson Jeffcoat and His Official Visit to Austin

Unless you live in a cave you've probably already heard that 5 star recruit and possibly the best defensive end in the land is taking his official visit this weekend for the Texas Tech game. More importantly, his dad and University of Houston defensive line coach Jim Jeffcoat will be joining the stud defensive lineman. This is ABSOLUTELY huge news based on the circumstances and timing. Let's think this through.

First, Jeffcoat's recruitment was supposed to go in to January as he's being chased by the big dogs OU, USC, along with Texas. An early official visit indicates he might want the recruitment over sooner rather than later.

Second, his dad will be joining Jackson for the weekend and will be watching the game intently seeing as how the Cougars will be facing the very same Texas Tech squad next weekend in Houston. The is a golden opportunity for the Longhorns to sell their defense. In all probability Coach Jeffcoat will be scouting the Red Raiders with input from the defensive maestro, Coach Muschamp. If Coach Boom shines the way we think, the elder Jeffcoat can't help but be impressed.

Third, this game will have the hype and pageantry unlike any other Texas home game on the schedule. It's the perfect showcase game for a war daddy like Jeffcoat because it's a night game with a Gameday backdrop and over 100,000 screaming Texas fans.

Fourth, Alex Okafor will prove to the Jeffcoats that playing time for freshmen is readily available if that freshman lives up to his billing. Can't say the same thing for ou with RJ Jackson Washington..

And finally, there isn't a better offense to face if you're looking to impress a pass rushing defensive end. There will be opportunities galore for sacks and pressure, and if Scipio's prognostications are correct, I look for the Horns to have a great deal of success.

Which means Jackson and his pappa should be impressed.