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So, as a Cowboy fan I'm interested in seeing the 'Boys validate their big road win over Tampa Bay by beating a divisional rival at home. I flip on the TV and 3 hours, 18 bad bounces and a half dozen Tony Romo turnovers later, Lawrence Tynes is kicking a game winning field goal in a game in which the Pokes had dominated . Seriously, the game should have been a 31 to 14 trouncing. But then it hit me like a Vasherized bar tab. Upon rewatching the game on my DVR I noticed that Captain Botox has added Cage Dancers to his red neck riviera in Arlington.

Ask anybody that knows me, cage dancers or any other occupant of Phylum Stripperdom don't bode well for me from a luck standpoint. The best legal example of which was the time I lost 10 blackjack hands in a row just after the Luxor converted the blackjack pit I was sitting at, into a pseudo-strip club. Scipio can vouch. He was so mesmerized he was hitting hard 13's against 6's. Which is ironic considering Tony Romo played similarly by pissing away winning football hands drive after miserable drive with his incomparable ability to look 2nd and 2 in the mouth and somehow fuck things up. With a bunch of scantily clad blondes dancing around, this should come as a surprise to no one.

Cage dancers? Seriously? With Tony Romo in the building? Somewhere Tom Landry is covering his eyes with his fedora. And somewhere Lance Rentzel and Rafael Septien are showing their approval.