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Scattershooting: Texas Tech Red Raiders at Texas Longhorns

I feel a bit better about the performance after rewatching the game last night and this morning.

Live action doesn't do this game justice. Defensively our kids were flying around the football field and could have had 4 or 5 turnovers had the ball bounced correctly. Our athleticism on this side of the ball is elite and turnovers will be plentiful with a modicum of good fortune.

Offensively, there were big plays in the passing game available in the first half if Colt was his normal dialed-in self. The coordinator is what he is, but the difference this year is Colt isn't otherworldly. Not yet anyway.

Back to defense, how and the f' can a college football team drop back to pass 60 plus times in a game against superior athletes and not get called for a single holding penalty? I know the referees have it in them because Texas was called for holding twice. On running plays. F' me.

You have to tip your cap to Potts, the kid was nails the entire game. He took some licks and continued to make elite throw after elite throw. I don't want to face that kid in Lubbock next year.

We have to do something about our interior Oline. Watching Chris Hall and Charlie Tanner continue to be horse f'ed by Colby Whitlock, a fire hydrant from Noble, Oklahoma, is beyond frustrating. Team Trips Right is starting, from left to right, Ulatoski, Allen, Snow, Huey, and Hix from here on out. Hall and Tanner get minutes with my second team or if my starters need a blow. Sorry, but it is inexcusable for these two to continue to whiff up front or get driven back two yards into the backfield while everyone else carries out their assignment.

I fully expect Will Muschamp to go Buddy Ryan on Greg Davis' Kevin Gilbride. With a gassed defense, why the hell would you go into your "Jet" or hurry up offense? I get that Tech's defense was tired, but it was obvious to anyone that watched the first half that a rested Texas defense could handle Tech's offense. I fully blame the OC for Texas' troubles in the the third quarter. Quit trying to be vogue and help your football team. Just like the Tony Jeffrey reverse and the shuttle pass, Greg Davis has fallen in love with someone else's innovation and runs it into the ground without consideration. Running it at a logical point in the game against the correct opponent is fine, but when we're doing it to the detriment of our defense I feel like slapping someone. If and when Muschamp takes over the program, I'm sure the last three weeks will weigh heavily on Will's decision to retain the OC.

Tre Newton is a solid back who's built for our scheme. Let's ride him until he bucks us. McGee has had ample opportunities, Fozzy is balsa wood, and Whaley came in out of shape. Newton needs 20 touches.

As Tech's pick plays or rub plays illustrated, there is nothing wrong with pushing the officiating envelope. We need start throwing our tunnel screens past the line of scrimmage like OU does, run some rub routes like Tech, and hold until somebody flags us. Until then we're playing offense at a competitive disadvantage. I wouldn't be above going Denver Bronco in the running game if it means success on the ground. This is big boy football.

Speaking of big boy football, the late hit and unnecessary roughness calls on Randall and Muck were maddening. The carping about Kindle's sack being dirty is galacticly gay.

All in all, not a bad win against a team that poses unique problems with their style and scheme. You almost have to play 100 or so games of PS2 to get acclimated to what you'll face when you line it up against Texas Tech. I'd also argue that Texas Tech is much better on defense than a lot of us thought they would be. It doesn't excuse the performance but it certainly contributed to the unexpected result. Whatever they are paying Ruffin McNeil, it's not enough. Give Grimace a raise.


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