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Cool Jordan Hamilton Video

Just a few comments because the video really speaks for itself. First off, what a humble, down to earth kid. He'll be easy to root for. His relationship with his family is just incredible and it'll serve him well as he's navigating Austin and an NBA city in the near future.

The one and done comments are disappointing but the kid's a lottery pick so who can blame him?

On the court, the video captures exactly why Big 12 teams and defenders need to be afraid, very afraid of Jordan. Smaller defenders can't get to his jumper and he shoots over them or posts them up with impugnity. Put a bigger player on him, and he gets blow-bys at will. Double him? Dude's Joe Montana.

His ability to do it all and even play some point forward makes him the best small forward in college basketball. He'll be Texas' crunch-time option because he can go get buckets in a variety of ways.

Oh, he can fill it up from deep as well. Silky Smooth.

Paul Pierce is a good comparison but I think Hamilton has a little more playmaker in him. Reggie Lewis? A better shooting Grant Hill? I don't know, a forward who can shoot it from deep, handle like a point guard, and has an aptitude to drop dimes is a rare breed which means it's tough to find the perfect comparison. That's the most exciting thing.

A little dap for HenryJames for sending this to me.