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Yet Another Reason to Appreciate Mack Brown Rick Barnes

They wouldn't let a turf war between the two programs overflow into an ugly incident -- which is exactly what happened at Kansas this week.

A fight Tuesday night between members of the Kansas football and basketball teams, that apparently started over a girl, spilled over to the next day, and eventually led to several football and basketball players slugging out in front of an audience. According to a police report narrative, a witness stated that members of the two teams were "baiting" each other, and it escalated "into taunting and shouting and then fighting," in front of a crowd of about 100 spectators.

Police also said one player supposedly hurt his hand but they weren't sure who it was -- until BB guard Tyshawn Taylor announced on his facebook page that he had dislocated a finger throwing a punch.

Both coaches of the teams involved, Mark Mangino and Bill Self, said that the incident would be handled internally. Self, said there would be discipline but that it would occur behind closed doors.

"It’s really none of your business," Self said.

Former players from both programs said that the bad blood has been building up for several years.

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