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College Football Matchup Analyzer

I haven't posted many entries, if any, lately. In news that will sadden many and disappoint a few others, I am actually doing just fine but I've been busy on yet another project. Sailor Ripley and Trips Right kidnapped me and locked me in the BC dungeon with a single demand: generate a matchup analyzer tool based on my ratings and stats.

Well, the beta version of that tool is now available. Please provide feedback in the comments section here. The formatting is the bare minimum at this point, but the first step was creating a functional product. I'll try to answer any questions that pop up as I'm able to do so. I make no guarantees that this thing won't crash at some point, so please be patient. The information is based on last season's stats at this point but I am anticipating the move to 2009 numbers after this week's games.