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Is it possible to hate the Miami Hurricanes but like Randy Shannon?

I think it might be.

Seems to have happened for me.

Helped to realize that the two years out of the past 25 that he was NOT directly a part of the Miami team were 1989 & 1990, meaning I can't cast much blame for the most miserable game I've ever attended on his shoulders (Baylor beating the snot out of us at home was close).

Truthfully, I think Randy Shannon is a tremendous coach, and I was thrilled a few years back when we had rumors about going after him as a DC.

Dave Hyde wrote a solid article on Shannon here. Murdered father, three dead siblings, etc. Quite a story, that typically goes undiscussed.

A few other articles from the past I enjoyed:

Life And Death


Shannon believes Canes will be able to win again

His official bio is much less revealing.