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Looking back at years of AP Polls

I noticed some things I found interesting. Perhaps you will as well.

73 total polls, 1503 teams listed:
1936-61 (20 teams ranked)
1962-67 (10 teams ranked)
1968-88 (20 teams ranked)
1989-current (25 teams ranked)

1) FBS Teams without a single final poll appearance: Akron, Ark St, Ball St, Buffalo, Central Florida, Central Michigan, UConn, Eastern Michigan, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Idaho, Kent, ULL, ULM, LA-Tech, Memphis, Middle Tennessee St, Nevada Las-Vegas, Nevada-Reno, New Mexico, North Texas, Northern Illinois, San Jose St, South Florida, UTEP, Troy, UAB, and Western Michigan. No huge surprises, really, although I would have expected UConn and USF to have at least one, but 28 of the 120 FBS schools have never been in the final rankings. Wow.

2) Another 24 teams have been ranked five times or fewer. That means that in the 70-year history of the AP poll, only 56% of the teams have been ranked six times.

3) Another 15 have been ranked 6-10 times, so only 53 teams have been ranked 11+ years. To put that in perspective, Mack has had Texas ranked 11 straight years.

4) The truly rich (40+): Michigan: 55; OU: 50; Notre Dame: 49; Ohio State: 49; Alabama: 46; Texas: 44; Nebraska: 44; Southern Cal: 43; Tenn: 42.

5) Last time UNC finished in the final poll? 1997. Hmmm. What changed?

6) Last time A&M finished in the final poll? 1999. That was the end of a run of 13 ranked seasons in 15 years. Now it's 9 straight un-ranked. Hmmm. What changed?

7) Am I the only one surprised to see that Fresno State has been ranked only twice, and under head coach Pat Hil only once? Are they the most-publicized and media-built-up crappy team in FBS history (sorry--skip that question. Just noticed Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss).

8.) Last time Houston finished in the final poll? 1990. Wow.

9) Iowa State has been ranked twice. Twice. That's a whole 'nother dimension of suck. Gene Chizek has now equalled, in his first three games at Auburn, his best win total at Iowa State.

10) Big 12 schools last ranking:
2008: Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Tech
2007: Kansas
2005: Nebraska
2003: KSU
2002: Colorado
2000: Iowa State
1999: A&M
Baylor has never been ranked as a Big 12 school but they were ranked as an SWC school in 1986.