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Tim Tebow Probably Just Cemented Another Heisman

Dude led his team to victory against a milquetoast Kentucky Wildcat squad while suffering from the flu, took a huge hit, rode on a golf cart, barfed in a Hefty bag and drove off in the back of an ambulance.

The end-of-game montage with the hit and the flashing emergency lights were pure poetry. Then they go to the Houston / Texas Tech game and Mike Patrick wishes a very heartfelt speedy recovery to The Tebow.

The whole thing is taking on a sort of Save Ferris level of media attention.

Again, let me stress that I think Tim Tebow is a great kid and a great college football player. I just find the way things set up and the likelihood of seeing this footage and hearing nitwit announcers discussing this about eleventybillion more times and the continued apotheosis tiring.