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Cobi Hamilton watch

One of the great things about this site is that basically every blog post ever written is saved into the archives and they’re easy to retrieve. Sometimes, I find it interesting to follow a story or a player or a coach over a period of time and look back on what we thought as things unfolded. I usually laugh at our pseudo-genius & certainty.

The words 'Cobi Hamilton' and 'budding superstar' were thrown together on this board after Hamilton broke open a tight 41-7 Arkansas-Missouri State game in the 4th quarter with an incredible one yard touchdown (reads box score again. yeah, one yard).

There were two obvious caveats. One, 'if you believe the hog boards and posters.' Two, it was Missouri State. Now almost no one is prepared to believe the anything an Arkansas fan tells them. And a 1 yard touchdown against Missouri State translates to what exactly against a quality opponent?

We've found out. Hamilton and Arkansas have played Georgia and Alabama in the last two weeks. Hamilton caught a pass against Georgia for 9 yards. He also caught a pass against Alabama for 3 yards.

Now it would be great to have a replacement for Brandon Collins, but at this point I don't think Cobi Hamilton is it.