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ESPN: All Favre All The Time

That's what you will see Monday leading up to the Monday Night Football Game featuring Favre's Minnesota Vikings vs. the Green Bay Packers.

The WWL is already basking in the glow of record cable ratings for MNF this season. For the third week in a row, the contest delivered
The largest audience on cable TV for 2009.

The Dallas Cowboys 21-7 win over Carolina drew over 15.7 million viewers - the largest audience for any cable TV show for 2009.

Through three weeks (four games) of the NFL season, ESPN’s MNF is averaging a 10.4 household rating, 10,267,000 households, and 14,044,000 viewer. ESPN’s four MNF games are the four biggest audiences in terms of both household impressions and total viewers for cable television in 2009.

The suits at ESPN are salivating over the prospect of even bigger numbers next Monday when Favre takes on his former team.

The BFMC (Brett Favre Media conspiracy) will hit new highs Monday in preparation for the MNF game that night.

To make sure that no one misses out on the opportunity to know about the game, ESPN will be marketing MNF across all platforms all day long.

ESPN’s coverage will begin with Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio (also simulcast on ESPN2) live from the Metrodome in Minneapolis at 5 a.m. Central Time. Then starting with NFL Live at 2:30 Central, it will be All Favre All the Time until kickoff.