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3-point games

When a close game is on the line, you want Mack Brown on your sideline.

Mack is a ridiculous 17-4 since arriving at Texas in games decided by three points or less, with the last loss coming in 2006 to K. State, 45-42. The one before that was to Colorado in 2001 in a game that shall not be mentioned.

By comparison, Bob Stoops is 4-8 and Pete Carroll is 5-8.

Maybe Huck can dig up some stats in his Tandy 1000 super computer on Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel over a similar time period.

Certainly there were some games we would have lost were it not for VY's heroics but Tim Brewster was technically employed by Mack Brown when he landed Vince Young, so it all comes back to Mack.

It's not always pretty but the results speak for themselves.


Funny how it all works out, eh Bobby?