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It's Business As Usual In Oklahoma

Allan Trimble, the uber-successful coach at Jenks High School has been suspended for the rest of the year over allegations of illegal recruiting and benefits for an OU recruit.

Jarrett Lake, who moved to Oklahoma from Virginia in 2008, is the player in question. Among the allegations are that Trimble arranged housing for Lake and his guardian. The school had already been forced to forfeit nine wins from the 2008 season over Lake's eligibility. Lake was ruled scholastically ineligible because he was not in good standing with his previous school (Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Va.).

Jenks released a 44-page report on October 2, which examined the eligibility of Lake. The investigation also found instances with six other unnamed students where the Jenks athletic department had violated Oklahoma Secondary School Athletics Association rules.

Under Trimble, Jenks has won the Class 6A State Championship in Oklahoma 9 out of the last 13 years. In fact either Jenks or Tulsa Union -- their crosstown rival -- have won the title every year since 1995.