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Goin’ South

Who is benefiting the most from all the injuries and suspensions in the Big 12 South? Possibly Texas A&M. This is a team that I figured would go 6-6 before the year started.

Now that Robert Griffin and Dez Bryant have gone down, they could actually end up 8-4. After watching them last week, that prediction frankly stuns me. So I’m hoping one of you lowbrows will bring me back from the edge.

Three easy wins over defenses currently ranked #108, #113 and #116 did wonders for their (fans’) confidence. But confidence only takes you so far. Like when you play a better team. Arkansas is not really a good team, but they’re better than A&M.

The Aggies have some nice skill position players on offense, but their offensive line hasn’t caught up. That usually takes a bit longer. Franchione left them with absolutely nothing, but because you can’t start five freshmen you get a guy like Lee Grimes as your starting right tackle. He’s horrible, but he’s freaking Anthony Munoz compared to left tackle Stephen Barrera. Oh man. ChrisApplewhite says he’s the Aggie Eric Hall. I say he’s the Aggie ChrisApplewhite. But we’re splitting hairs here. I think Barrera’s man alone was responsible for at least half a dozen hits on Jerrod Johnson.

The Aggies have some good backs and did a decent job running the ball before they had to abandon it. It won’t be the last time. It looked like they don’t really have any short/hot routes in their passing game. Everything seemed to be slow-developing and downfield giving Arkansas more than enough time to maul Johnson. Think Jason White against LSU.

Defensively they have Von Miller. Fin. He looked great on Arkansas’ first two or three drives before the Razorbacks decided to double him. Then he had one tackle, and Arkansas had 47 points.

But they can beat Oklahoma State this weekend. This is Oklahoma State’s first road game of the year, and they’ll still be adjusting to the Bryant loss. Except they won’t be able to adjust because he was their passing game. The only guy they had who didn’t need play action to get open. So if A&M can stop the run, they can win. And if Valeria from Conan the Barbarian appears while Stephen Barrera is on his back and strikes down Ugo Chinassa with her sword.

Mike Gundy has to win this game. If he loses, then he would have to beat both Texas and Oklahoma. Gundy has never beaten either. And if he does lose, Oklahoma State might just self destruct.

So tell me how Texas A&M doesn’t win this game?