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I think LSU wins

My guess is that Florida is not focused and their lack of a true down field threat is a bigger problem than has been exposed thus far. I don't really buy that home field advantage means much in college football (most performances attributable to home field advantage come from a better team beating a worse one--Texas' stellar home record has almost zero to do with "home field advantage"), but I think LSU is one of the very few teams that actually gains tangible benefits from their home field.

Scipio Tex has noted before that LSU is not a team as much as they are simply a collection of great athletes acting randomly. I agree. The acting randomly part hinders them, but the collection of great athletes is a necessary feature for a team trying to beat Florida. Very few teams have it, but LSU is one of them. I think the Tigers will pressure Brantley (a fine quarterback, but an unknown quantity under pressure) into some mistakes. Unless Tebow plays, which I doubt at this point. I am not convinced he is their best option anyway.

Two other points:

1. Florida has a game to give. If the Gators lose to LSU, then win out and beat Alabama in the SEC championship, then I think it is highly probable they get a slot in the BCS title game. The team knows this, at least subconsciously, and I think it impacts their focus. I understand that no one will admit to this, nor is it quantifiable.

2. Les Miles has clearly sold his soul to the Devil.