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Satan Thinks Bob Stoops Lies Too Much

Bob Stoops iterated today that Ryan Broyles might be able to return this weekend after only lightly fracturing his scapula.

You don't lightly fracture anything. Hairline fractures are fractures. They take time to heal and they hurt even if you're not physically exerting yourself. Think about what your shoulder blade feels like. Imagine climbing over the middle of the field for a pass with Earl Thomas breaking on you from behind while you're in mid-air. Now think about the concept of doing that with a shoulder blade tender to the touch. Right.

I am entertained at times by Stoops' lying. He does it as both a habit and a method of practice. He lies to recruits, the NCAA, and he constantly lies to the media. Accordingly, he has a habit of pulling his own on bookshelf on top of himself on a regular basis. He's not creating planning issues for Texas with this nonsense. He's building up expectations with his fans and boosters. Ratchet up the expectations on the sooner fanbase and the collapse when they're disappointed is awe-inspiring. This is a group of people that wanted Barry Switzer gone after multiple losses to Fred Akers before he went on to another title in 1985, after having won two in the 70's.

At some point the weight of the bullshit for a guy like this becomes difficult to bear. A loss this weekend, especially one in which Ryan Broyles is in street clothes or non-existent because he's somewhere in Norman breaking into a convenience store. This is a turning point in this series. If we win this game, they're going to be all over this guy and his weak bs, and he's not the kind to take to that kindly.