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Texas Longhorns Depth Chart: OU Version

Not much new to report.

John Chiles and Marquise Goodwin are listed as 'or' at the Sub B position. I'm not sure of the question, but I don't think the answer is 'either Chiles or Goodwin.' Malcolm Williams is third team and also second team flanker behind Shipley. He'll play a lot!

Starting tailback will either be Fozzy Whitaker or Kenny Hayter Ivan Williams Cody Johnson. We can sure use Johnson's explosiveness against the Sooners.

David Snow is the sole starter at right guard. Michael Huey must still be banged up, and he's having trouble blocking the other team's front seven when they know where the ball is going 9 times out of 10.

Ben Alexander and Kheeston Randall are listed as co-starters opposite Lamarr Houston. Both played well against Colorado.

Blake Gideon has dispatched all usurpers at the right safety position.

But at least we're not making noise about Jared Norton and Blaine Irby playing.