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Barking Bets: Week 7

Here at Barking Carnival we believe every week should include a payday unless you're a day laborer like HenryJames and you'd rather be paid with tacos and 40's of Carta Blanca. Luckily, our sharpie wielding bet monkey, a dash of VegasKyle, and Huck's supercomputer have delivered the goods the last 3 weeks with a 13-4 record good for 14 units minus juice. We're efforting to add even more shekels to that Cayman Island numbered account in week 7. On to the picks.

Wyoming @ Air Force. Under 45. 2 units.
Before last week's tilt with TCU, Air Force hadn't scored an offensive TD in 8 straight quarters against the powerhouse defenses of Navy and San Diego State. Wyoming's offense isn't exactly Texas Tech and they'll struggle to put points on the board as well. I love unders in games that are likely to be decided by penetrations. No Vasherized role playing jokes please. Huck's Commodore 64 has rated the game a 3 star. Huck's Commodore 64 is due. Field goal game. 20 to 17.

Mizzou +7.5 @ OSU. 2 units.
OSU is a shell of what the public thinks they are and the line reflects this fact. Mizzou's front seven should be able to control OSU's run game forcing Zac Robinson to try to be a drop back passer, something the senior isn't comfortable doing. Offensively, Mizzou has weapons and the Cowboys give up points to virtually every team with an offensive pulse. I like Gabbert and crew to get the mild upset, thus putting Barking Bets back in good favor with Tiger nation. Mizzou 31 OSU 27.

Louisville +13.5 @ UCONN. 1 unit.
Backing UCONN's offense in a game where you have to cover two TD's is tantamount to backing this guy in a sports journalism contest with srr50. (If you haven't read srr50's on the Texas/OU game, the terrorists have won.)

So, back to the game, UCONN has done nothing over the course of the year to make us think they're good enough to cover a huge number against a decent club. Consider the following offensive output for the Huskies...

18 first downs and 303 yards against Pitt
21 first downs and 382 yards at Baylor
13 first downs and 196 total yards vs. UNC
17 first downs and 386 yards at Ohio

Certainly not an offensive juggernaut deserving of such oddsmaker credit in this spot. Even if Louisville does fall behind, they have the type of passing attack that leaves the backdoor wide open. I like Louisville to keep it close and lose by a TD. 28 to 21 Huskies.

Wyoming +11.5 @ Air Force. 1 star.
Air Force has been mediocre to poor offensively vs. every team on their schedule not named Nichols State. Defenses have consistently outperformed their season statistics when facing a pedestrian AFA attack and don't expect any of that to change this Saturday. Air Force was beaten up last week against TCU and this is a great situation for Wyoming getting two and half TD's in a contest that rates to be low scoring. Call it a field goal win for AFA, 20 to 17.

South Carolina +18 @ Alabama. 1 unit.
Barking Bets rule number 1: Never bet a double digit favorite in an SEC conference game. Barking Bets rule number 2: Look to bet double digit dogs in SEC conference games unless you're backing a team playing against Urban Meyer. Barking Bets rule number 87: No excuses, play like a champion.

Alabama is one of the two or three best teams in the country, but South Carolina has enough athletes on defense to make this a classic SEC defensive struggle, thus keeping the Cocks within the number. Alabama 24 USC 17.

Good luck on your action.