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Give Us Vengeance

Give Us Vengeance, Oh God, and/or Mack Brown. We have waited with patience for this day.

If you’re not thinking the same thing going into this weekend, you are rooting for a different team.

This team went out and took up the mantle from OU on the field last year. No one thought they would and they did. They did it fighting uphill and they didn’t stop until they had wrenched it from Sam Bradford’s dead, cold, vanquished hands. Bob Stoops’ 1000 yard, mandibly-challenged stare during the closing moments of the nationally televised game told the entire story.

Or so we thought.

It didn’t take long after that before we started hearing the hate and the doubt from the cheating buffoons north of our illustrious border. The whining started with nitpicks being tossed out their in regard to Ryan Reynolds going down. Demarco Murray had a pulled-labia. Bit by little bit, Stoops, the Blowkie fans, and then the media began to cast doubts about the validity of that victory. All along, we said nothing as a fanbase and program. Nevermind Irby being out. The game being played on a neutral field. We said little.

Then we lost in the literal last second on the road at Tech on a historic play. Then it was like the OU game was never played. Then we watched OU grab their collective crotch, point and laugh through their one remaining dirty, bucked-tooth as they were handed a gift to play for it all because they ran up the scores on the also-rans. Not only were scores run up, but they were lauded for it during the broadcasts by Herbstreit and Musberger. They were rewarded for it in the polls by the other coaches. We watched the Stoops Coaching Tree vote in unison for OU to go to the title game. Knowing all along that were they in the spot of Texas, the same coaches would be shrieking louder than any decibel-level Brown could attempt to muster.

"He who is moral can be shamed." – Sun Tzu

Then when we were handed a giant shit sandwich to chew down beyond just having to sit and watch OU shit themselves in yet another title game. Jamarcus McFarland’s mother ca$he$ in and sends her son across the border in conjunction with an article of lies in the New York Times by a Sooner sycophant posing as a journalist in Thayer Evans. The thrust of the story was the debauchery from the Texas fanbase during OU weekend. To top it off, the woman all but calls Mack Brown a liar and Bob Stoops a saint.

OU fan cackles in glee to this day because they got over on us last year. We had scoreboard, but they got to sit at the final table by stealing our chips.

Give us vengeance. Punish them for putting their injured players at risk. Punish them for being the sorry bastards that they are. Put the gun to that program’s 2009 forehead, pull the trigger, and send them straight down into the depths of college football hell where they deserve to rot for the remainder of this season.

Give us vengeance. Give us a win.