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New Texas Longhorns Depth Chart Out

It looks like Goodwin has pulled even with John Chiles at sub b, and Mal Williams has supplanted James Kirkenheadbutt in the starting lineup. Encouraging to say the least. Our 4 wide is as it should be with Goodwin, Williams, Shipley and Buckner. For a team that needs playmakers on offense, this is your tonic. This is by far the most talented combo of pass catchers.

Along the Oline, it's interesting that David Snow is out of the mix at guard. He was atrocious against McCoy so I can understand. Snow's still a backup at center. Tray Allen looks like he's the first guard off the bench and that makes sense after the abortion that was our interior line during this weekend's ballgame. The failure of our young players to beat out Tanner is troubling. I hope it's a function of "spilled blood" and not lack of ability.

On defense we're the '85 Bears. Blake Gideon is Gary Fencik. No significant changes here.