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Oklahoma Sooners: Laying Groundwork for Three Loss National Championship Bid

You know, just in case something nutty happens like every team in the top twenty five contracts the swine flu and loses 4 games, or if the Mayan calendar is a couple of years off and the world ends at the end of 2009. Which would mean Oklahoma would get an automatic bid because as Bill Hicks quipped, the world could end tomorrow and Oklahoma would remain virtually unchanged.

Check out this article. It's an embarrassing admonishment of the Oklahoma SID from a random sports writer who is claiming OU is sending what amounts to an excuse email to members of the media with the hopes of trying to rationalize the Sooners sorry 3-3 record. And what school/state does this particular writer write for? Oregon. Really?

Anyway, the Sooners need to just go away at this point. Quit emailing members of the media and focus on things other than football. Spend your time on shit like cures for meth mouth and keeping Jerry Schmidt from getting gynecomastia. Perhaps Matt Clapp and Austin Box should write a soliloquy about being no talent ass clowns among a team of paid mercenaries. Or Jeremy Beal should spend the rest of the season strangling kittens with razor wire to cope with his own deficiencies. Stop trying to maim quarterbacks after games have already been decided.

Hell just quit emailing rationalizations of your record to members of the media who don't give a shit in the first place. It ain't cool, and it reflects poorly on our University since we happen to be in the same conference and shit. I know it's tough for a program with the core values of a frontrunner, but try to act like men. You've beaten the likes of Tulsa, North Dakota State, and Baylor. That's it. STFU and ..............