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How badly does the $EC want an undefeated team?

Apparently bad enough that conference officials are deciding the outcomes of games.

During undefeated LSU's game against Georgia on October 3rd, the officials incorrectly flagged Georgia with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after they took the lead with a little over a minute to play. LSU got the ball in good field position and scored with 33 seconds left to win it.

Rogers Redding, the Southeastern Conference coordinator of officials, said the call should not have been made. However, Redding said the SEC "did not discuss what kind of action is taken against officials for improper calls."

Good thing because the same crew officiated the undefeated Florida vs Arkansas game on Saturday. In case you missed it, they really screwed the pooch repeatedly in the fourth quarter. Florida escaped with a win and stayed undefeated.

Maybe it wasn't the officials after all.

And now the league office has apologized yet again. But no punishment yet.

Coincidence? Uh huh.

Normally these guys would be suspended for the rest of the year. But it's the SEC, where corruption off the field is officially tolerated. And now it looks like corruption on the field is tolerated too.