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Podcast. Now!

What are these things exactly? Is it a verb? A movement? Another evil Steve Jobs invention?

Forrester Research recently published a study that the average podcastionado makes $300K a year, scores a lot of pussy, and follows a team that always wins.

Now is your chance to take a leap into the strange world of live chatrooms, awkward pauses, dead air, technology failures, wild ass theories, X's and O's, and in this case -- very smart people making highly accurate predictions.

Scipio Texicanus and Peter Bean @ BON kick things off at 8 p.m. central to discuss the Post OU world we live in. If it were possible, podcasters around the globe would travel to see these guys live. They've already booked MSG for New Year's. Europe can't be far off.

If you heard the last week's edition, then you already knew how the Texas OU game would unfold. Eerie shit. This week's topics include Bob Stoops' addiction to cock-flavored popsicles, HenryJames' surprise sex change and Missouri's chances at scoring a single point on the Texas defense before the next decade begins.

Live audio here

Live chat here

Call-ins and heckling are positively encouraged. (Your week isn't complete without it, sizzlechest.)