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Bradford is done

Sam Bradford is going to have surgery on his injured shoulder, and then he'll declare for the NFL draft after his rehab.

So that's two Sooner players who passed up first round money to return for their junior seasons and got injured. Tight end Jermaine Gresham has already indicated that he'll enter the draft. And now Bradford.

Bradford would have most likely been drafted in the top five picks in last year's draft, but now he's got an injury on his resume to deal with. He's still going to be a first rounder, but he cost himself millions in guaranteed money. Although Bob Stoops says nothing in life is guaranteed.

Stoops now agrees (at least publicly) that this is Bradford's best option.

"We want Sam to pursue the best option for his recovery and future," Stoops said. "We obviously feel this is best for his long-range future."

Great advice, Bob. Too bad it's a year late.