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Sunday Statistician

Texas fields the #1 scoring offense and #2 overall defense in the country. Not our standard until we take over the top ranking from Florida's defense.

Colt McCoy is now tied with Peyton Manning at 39 for 2nd on the all-time win list and is just three wins away from tying Georgia's David Gordon Greene.

Colt should take over the top spot after thumping whoever qualifies for the Big 12 Championship game. Iowa State, you cruel mistress!

The Texas defense has given up 128 rushing yards in the last five games. Total. Under Carl Reese, that was our average per game. Drunk fanboy Dennis Dodds is shouting to anyone who will listen that Texas will run the table.

Jerrod Johnson is #4 in the nation with 17 passing TDs. Is it too soon to talk Heisman?

Texas has forced 21 forced turnovers, which is 28 more than last year and good for 5th overall. Someday this defense will achieve on the level of Iowa State, currently sitting in 2nd place with 24. One more win gets Paul Rhoads' squad bowl eligible, words that you won't find anywhere in my pre-season Iowa State preview. USC is checking in at a smooth 100th place with only 9 forced turnovers, lost to 3-5 Washington and just pulled out a gritty win over Oregon State but the national championship hype continues.

Texas is 2nd in the nation in kickoffs, averaging 31.35 per return. Duane Akina has this special teams unit playing like Polynesian cannibals but he still had to talk Mack Brown into going for the block that Curtis Brown teed up for Malcolm Williams to recover in the endzone. The block/not-to-block decision has become a fun media charade each week but this unit is as good as it gets.

Your #1 ranked Crimson Tide have scored two offensive touchdowns in the last three games. Dos. Deux. 日本語. Greg McElroy sports a 29% completion percentage in the red zone, despite having Julio Jones as an eligible receiver, so it's a good thing Terrence Cody was able to block two kicks with his gut yesterday. Bama and Florida rank 80th and 84th in passing offense, respectively.

The remaining undefeated teams are Texas, Alabama, Florida, Boise State, TCU, Cincinnati, and Iowa. FCS undefeateds Montana, Butler, and Richmond all pose an outside threat according the Massey Index. We wanted Tennessee to kick a field goal -- any field goal -- so a one loss Bama could beat Florida in the SEC championship game, giving Texas a savory matchup against the BoiseIowaNattiFrogs.

As such, all eyes turn towards Stillwater to keep this dreamwagon on course.

Riverdancin' to Pasadena!