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The defense has been named

According to the Statesman the Texas defense has named itself 'The Goon Squad.'

Why? Lamarr Houston came up with the name, and he says "It means that we're just a bunch of blue-collar guys who don't care about anything else but playing football."

It's been a longtime Longhorn internet meme that we should come up with a name for the defense. Any defense we've had. But cooler heads have always prevailed and managed to mock those who came up with suggestions.

But I'm fine with it because the players came up with it and not the fans. I actually kind of like it. They've knocked two Big 12 quarterbacks out of the game, forced one to be replaced due to poor performance and knocked the f*ck out of Tech's Taylor Potts.

So now we can call them The Goon Squad. Even if they're not aware of what that term actually means.