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Forget it, Dan. It's the SEC.

Another week, another blown call benefitting Florida. This time it's former Florida OC and current Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen who is pissed.

Florida linebacker Dustin Doe returned an interception, but on the replay it looked like he was stripped of the ball and MSU recovered in the end zone for a touchback. But the replay official upheld the call, and Florida won 29-19.

"That's twice now that they've blown calls on the replay with our games, resulting in big plays, and I think that's unexcusable (sic) for that official," said Mullen. "I hope he's severely punished if he ever works another SEC game again, because I think it's completely unacceptable."

Oh, Dan. But it is acceptable because you're Mississippi State. There are rules, and then there are rules. You get the former. Florida is operating under the latter.

Tim Tebow, who threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns, did not make himself available for interviews after the game. Presumably because there wasn't an interpreter who spoke Aramaic.