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Tim Tebow = Vince Young

Or so says Colin Cowherd, just 5 minutes ago. He said it twice, which means he actually believes this absurd shit to be true. Cowherd's rationale? Both Tebow and Young would rather run than throw, and neither is a good passer.

Both of those are also true of Usain Bolt and all of the Barkers' fat little girlfriends. So, let's actually compare Young and Tebow's respective stats in each of their final college season and find out just how close the comparison is.


Passer Rating: 163.9
Pass Efficiency Rank: #3
Carries: 155
Rush Yards: 1050
Yards per carry: 6.77


Passer rating: 151.33
Pass Efficiency Rank: #14
Carries: 121
Rush Yards: 466
Yards per carry: 3.85

The stats don't lie. Tebow and Young are exactly the same player. And Vince Young was a lousy passer, as evidenced by his #3 pass efficiency rating. yfrnjvef;dfe hfsusdafopuf rwhfvo shfauovhpdfhvasd;ou udcouddhibisa; (That was the sound of my head repeatedly pounding the keyboard).

When will this nightmare of uninformed, lazy and completely inaccurate comparison end? Fortunately, the day is close at hand when Tebow will ascend to the NFL to stand with a clipboard at the right hand of Raheem Morris.