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Dez Bryant cannot tell a lie

From Tulsa World.

Bryant was interviewed by ESPN on Tuesday night from DeSoto, Texas. Why was he in DeSoto, Texas on a Tuesday night? Who are you? The NCAA?

After weighing in on the Pelagian Controversy, Bryant said his immediate plans were to "Just keep going in my normal routine. I'm going to get up and go to practice like I'm supposed to. I'm going to support the team, go to class, do my work and move forward."

Starting on Wednesday.

According to the Tulsa World’s sources, "during his suspension, his attendance at OSU practice sessions has been sporadic." Only because he was in the library looking up the definition of the word ‘sporadic.’

So yeah, he’s going to turn pro. Even if he says he’s unsure.

"I'm just thinking about what's going on right now," Bryant said. "God has got the best decision for me."

Well if it was up to God, he’d probably have Bryant down in Gainesville catching passes from His Son. Talk about forsaken.