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Vince Young is really good

I know. That's why you come here, for hard hitting breaking news items like these. For those of you unaware that Vince Young is a really good football player who are just finding us, welcome. Please avoid HenryJames.

Tomorrow's segment will either be about how deserts seem to be more sunny than places that are not deserts, or whether Ruffin McNeill should invest in a treadmill. I can't decide.

In any event I started a satire piece with a Jeff Fisher interview in my head that was pretty funny- Bud Adams gives him a wedgie or a swirlie at some point probably, who knows, then I scrapped it. I, having spent time in multiple psychiatric facilities- mostly as a clinician, understand that humor is among the highest level of defense mechanisms. A fake Fisher interview where he defends the ludicrosity of his personnel decisions would be a very mature way to address this situation. True. But it'd only be masking much deeper emotions. Things that need to be said. Sublimating such things isn't really healthy in the long run. That's how you end up screaming at tabloid photos of Jon and Kate Gosselin in the checkout line (Crazy BITCH! Think of the kids!) or owning a lot of cats with different personalities that you like to talk to, like scally. So I just can't get the humor factor working on this one.

BTW- if ludicrosity isn't a word it should be- Ludicrosity. Noun. ( lew-d^i-kro-s^i-te_) Millions of people stood in awe when confronted by the ludicrosity of Jeff Fisher. You know what I like about Bud Adams? The ludicrosity of his chili-bowl haircut!

So let's recap:

VY takes over an 0-3 team in 2006, starts against Dallas in Nashville and gets pummeled. Loses again before going on a run that almost put them in the playoffs. They lost the last game of the year against the Patriots in fact- if they'd won that one they would have gotten in. This is with an almost complete lack of skill position players (polygamist Travis Henry was solid I suppose) and the worst football wide receiving corps since Nebraska 1995.

2007- 10-6 and a playoff spot. Heartbreaking loss to San Diego round one. I followed the team very closely this season, knew the offensive linemen's girlfriends nicknames, knew what ethnicity Cortland Finnegan is, heavy duty stuff. Keep in mind at this point VY starts that playoff game as the youngest quarterback to ever start a playoff game in franchise history.

2008- Opener against Jacksonville- we all know the story. Hangers on get involved- interestingly enough it's Mama Drama rather than Baby Mama Drama- which is much more common in the NFL, so naturally Fisher calls the police. Kerry wins against Cincy the next week in a hurricane- literally- and it's off to the races. Stifling defense, good special teams and a caretaker offense: 13-3 and another first round playoff loss. I quit watching somewhere during that season. Fisherball is really hard to watch unless you have a massive emotional investment in the town or the team. I'm not saying it's good or bad, or that it's not effective, it's just hard to watch. It just is.

2009- Kerry Collins throws an interception in every game (the guy is 13-13 overall with the Titans) and Bud Adams, of all people, has to be the smart one. WTF, over? The guy can't even locate a Supercuts in the greater Houston area and he's voice of reason? Why?

I really don't understand it. I just don't. It's not racism- because Fisher is on public wiretap tape with actual thugs discussing how patient he is being with Pacman, at the time, since they are concerned he will be kicked off the team soon. Think about that, the drug dealers are lamenting Fisher's plight and hoping Pacman will straighten up and not ruin the payday. If the guy is a racist he's pretty fucking selective about it. Would he rather lose than be wrong? Knowing the pressure in the NFL I can't believe that's the case. It also doesn't make sense that he doesn't understand how good VY can be. If so he isn't doing enough player development or scouting on his own squad, and I know that isn't the case. Is it ageism? Old folksy country dudes with lead feet and the leadership skills of an accountant get the nod because they're seasoned?

In any event I'm glad VY got the win. I'm just not sure what to root for from here on out. They can't make the playoffs. I suppose I should hope he gets traded. Get the hell out of there. Or that Fisher gets fired. Though I do like the team overall, there are a lot of horns on it and some of the players, like Finnegan, really grew on me as I saw them develop. I don't know. It's messy. I suppose I'm open to suggestions.