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Big 12 Football: Rewarding Mediocrity

The Big 12 wants to reward mediocrity.

The Big 12 commissioner, Dan Beebe, has come up with a proposal that would allow 6-6 teams to be treated the same as teams with winning records when it comes to bowl games. Hasn’t he already rewarded mediocrity enough by allowing a team from the North to play in the Conference Championship game?

Under the current system, teams who lose as many games as they win don’t go to bowls unless their conference has a bowl tie-in and all teams with winning records have been invited to the post season. Which is the way it should be in the United States of America.

"This isn’t Russia. Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia."

If it were up to Beebe, those exceptions would be eliminated and .500 teams could be invited to bowls immediately. Which would make for an even more exciting bowl season. If you live in Lawrence, Kansas. And it’s an open date for the basketball team.